Welcome to the CEME

Our purpose is to bridge the interface of theology, economics and business in promoting an enterprise economy built on solid ethical foundations.

CEME’s distinctive contribution comes from the promotion of the market economy from a Christian perspective within a framework of calling, integrity and ethical behaviour.

CEME Event: Is William Wilberforce relevant for today’s society?

The CEME Fforestfach Colloquia Series

Neil Jordan: The Moral Argument(s) against Driverless Cars

Andrei Rogobete: AI Will Continue to Make Mistakes – It’s How we Respond that Matters

Andrei Rogobete: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

John Kroencke: Private Planning and the Great Estates

Jan Bentz: ‘Neoliberal Social Justice: Rawls Unveiled’, by Nick Cowen

Neil Jordan: ‘Contemporary Monastic Economy’ by Isabelle Jonveaux