Our Vision

logo3The Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics (CEME) seeks to address some of the challenges facing 21st Century capitalism.

The repercussions of the financial crisis of 2007 were far-reaching and led to the loss of a broadly accepted ethical framework. Indeed, confidence has been dented in the entire system of private enterprise, capitalism and an enterprise-based economy.


CEME works to articulate a vision for an enterprise economy underpinned by a Judeo-Christian framework. We want to win the argument for both enterprise and morality. We achieve our purposes through events, research and publications. We aim to influence opinion formers and leaders and equip those in business to think through the issues. We think deeply and act globally.

We have particular interests in:

Our approach combines high academic excellence in theology, business and economics, with a direct engagement with the business community designed to promote sound ethical behaviour and the wider aims of the common good and the relief of poverty.

An extract of the speech delivered by Lord Griffiths at the launch of the Centre is available here.