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Harvard Business School Managing the Future of Work Initiative Seeks to tackle the opportunities and challenges of the changing nature of work across areas such as technology, gig-economy, care economy, skills and global talent access.
  Business & Environment Initiative Educates, connects and mobilizes business leaders to address climate change and other environmental challenges.
Kellogg School of Management, Northestern University John L Ward Center for Family Enterprises Thinking and guidance for family business purpose, vision and strategy, governance, leadership, succession, entrepreneurship in family business, family engagement and cohesion and family business culture.
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School The ESG Initiative at the Wharton School The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiative brings together Wharton faculty and students to conduct academically rigorous research, develop new curricular materials, and co-curricular experiences that shape the future of investing, consulting, and strategy on ESG factors.
  The Wharton Global Family Alliance Wharton GFA’s research projects have centered on family business ownership, governance and management issues, and family wealth management issues, including substantial work focused on Family Offices.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research Study of all aspects of work and employment
  MIT Center for Energy and Environment Policy Research Focal point for research on energy and environmental policy
  MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative The Environmental Solutions Initiative is MIT’s institute-wide effort to mobilize the substantial scientific, engineering, policy, and design capacity of our community to contribute to addressing climate change and other environmental challenges of global import.
Columbia University The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise educates leaders to use business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and management tools to address social and environmental challenges.
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley Institute for Business Innovation The mission of the Institute for Business Innovation is to disseminate pioneering research on innovation, train students to be inventive and entrepreneurial leaders, and facilitate innovation in the start-up and corporate domains.
  Center for Responsible Business The Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley Haas connects students, businesses, and faculty to mobilize the positive potential of business to create a more responsible, resilient, and sustainable society.
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business George J Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State Our work critically assesses issues such as regulatory capture, crony capitalism, and the various ways in which special interests subvert competition.
Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship – Family Business at the Schwarz Center Family Business Leadership Speakers’ series
University of North Carolina, Kenan Flagler Business School Family Enterprise Center Our mission is to provide next generation family business leaders with the expertise and resources to:

  • Develop entrepreneurial, sustainable family enterprises
  • Create and maintain healthy family and working relationships, and
  • Be responsible stewards of family business assets.

See blog series in particular.
University of Texas, McCombs school of Business Center for Leadership and Ethics Leadership and ethics resources
University of Warwick Business School Enterprise Research Centre Centre of excellence for research into growth, innovation and productivity of SMEs.
Bayes Business School, City University, London ETHOS: The Centre for Responsible Business Emphasis on responsibility, sustainability and governance.
University of Leeds Business School Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC) Contemporary national and international debates around the changing dynamics and future of work, employment and labour markets.
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


Leading UK business school with wide variety of interests, centres and resources
Said Business School, University of Oxford


Leading UK business school with wide variety of interests, centres and resources
INSEAD Business School Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise Generating knowledge about old and young, small and large family businesses from around the globe provides us with new content to share at our various events. Whether it is understanding the uniqueness of family firms, their impact on regional economies or how to solve the challenges of generational transition, our research is the key to remain a world-leading centre for family enterprises. Extensive resources, articles, papers, case studies, insights and interviews.
IMD IMD Family Business Centre World-leading centre of excellence in research, education and outreach for family enterprises globally. Extensive research resources, books, articles, case studies.
Daniels College of Business – University of Denver Institute for Enterprise Ethics The Institute’s vision is to serve the public good by integrating ethics into professional and corporate cultures. The purpose of the Institute is to impact professional and organizational practices by nurturing trust, integrity, and responsibility.
  Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies Range of resources
IESE Business School Business school built on Christian values Extensive
  Centre for Business in Society Concerned with culture, ethics, sustainability, governance
  International Centre for Work and Family We promote corporate family responsibility in business, fostering the corporate leadership, culture, balance and flexibility that facilitate the integration of employees’ work, family and personal lives.
University of Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns Especially research for the common good and Journal of Poverty and Public policy
  De Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture Some areas of general interest.
  Centre for Ethics and Religious Values in Business Aim is to seek to strengthen the Judeo-Christian ethical foundations in business and public policy.
Catholic University of America The Busch School of Business Business is a force for good to elevate the dignity of the human person.
  The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship aims to promote a new kind of entrepreneur: a person capable of integrating personal virtue, cutting-edge entrepreneurial tools and long-term perspective to launch and grow enterprises that harness human creativity at the service of individuals and communities.
University of St Thomas John A Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought Fosters a deeper integration of faith and work that is guided by the rich theological and philosophical resources of the Catholic tradition, and its contributions to the academy, business, society and the Church.
St Joseph’s University The Pedro Arrupe SJ Center for Business Ethics Variety of resources
Santa Clara University Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurs around the world are innovating solutions to tackle our most pressing social problems and addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that social entrepreneurship is leading the way in transforming markets for good and ultimately propelling us to end poverty.
  Markula Center for Applied Ethics The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (business ethics focus area) explores ethical issues in corporate governance, global business, leadership, executive compensation, and other areas of business ethics. Variety of resources, case studies and articles
Institute for Family Business Research Foundation   To foster greater knowledge and understanding of family firms and their contribution to the UK economy and society, as well as the key challenges and opportunities that they face.
Institute of Economic Affairs   Our mission is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of the markets in solving economic and social problems. Given the current economic challenges facing Britain and the wider global environment, it is more vital than ever that we promote the intellectual case for a free economy, low taxes, freedom in education, health and welfare and lower levels of regulation.
Adam Smith Institute   Using free markets to create a richer, freer, happier world.
Acton Institute   The Acton Institute is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.
American Enterprise Institute   The American Enterprise Institute is a public policy think tank dedicated to defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world.
CATO Institute   The vision of the Cato Institute is to create free, open, and civil societies founded on libertarian principles.
Theology of Work Project   Extensive resources around the theology of work
Institute for Faith Work and Economics   Our mission is to educate and inspire Christians to live out a Biblical theology that integrates faith, work, and economics.
Institute for Business Ethics   To champion the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business.