Andrei Rogobete on BBC Radio: “A Thriving and Ethical Private Sector is the Answer to Inequality”


In a recent interview with the BBC our Associate Director, Andrei Rogobete was invited to discuss the highly contested topic of socioeconomic inequality in the UK.

The full interview can be found here – some of Andrei’s main arguments include:

Inequality becomes a large-scale societal problem when those at the lower end of the income spectrum are unable rise out of poverty, despite their willingness to do so.

Government and increased taxation is not the solution to solving long-term inequality. The real change is more profound and must come from businesses that behave responsibly in paying their employees a fair wage, and a charity sector that can supply the necessary education and skills. Government must help in providing a favourable environment for these changes to take place.

The solution is not going to be quick or easy – but then again when was any great change quick and easy. As a society we need to demand higher levels of ethics and morality from the public and private sectors – both our politicians in power, as well as the businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Collectively as consumers we are powerful.