The Centre undertakes both long-term and short-term projects.

Long-term projects

The long-term research work of the Centre is gathered around three themes:

  1. The Theology of Enterprise

    Within this project we are concerned to explore the historical, biblical, systematic and ethical basis of enterprise and economics. We will conduct research in matters such as the biblical mandate for wealth creation, the place of interest and debt, the nature of the human person, the case for the market but also how the market can be best harnessed in the cause of poverty reduction. We will consider both contemporary and historical cases studies as well as issues such as the vocation to business and ethical behaviour in the market place.

  2. The Morality of Profit

    In this work we will be assessing the moral basis of profit through work on economic growth, saving and debt, trade, competition and competitiveness, taxation and the role and size of government. We will also reflect upon the place of philanthropy, private property, investment, risk and return and other relevant matters.

  3. The Reduction of Poverty

    We are concerned also with making a real difference to the global reduction of poverty through not only intellectual endeavour but also practical action. Hence we will advise on social enterprise investment, undertake work on specific matters of the market place and poverty (eg fuel poverty) and seek market-based and philanthropic solutions as well as encouraging business, church and government to pursue these opportunities on a global scale.

We aim to link these three areas together in our work, encouraging inter-disciplinary conversation, original intellectual thought and practical actions and changes in behaviour.

Short-term projects

As well as work on our longer-term aims and projects there are a number of smaller projects which we will undertake each year. For 2013-14 these are Capitalism and the Clergy and, in conjunction with another research institute, The Impact of Credit Unions. Outputs from these projects will be available under our current research tab.